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More than $4 million in donations raised in 24 hours in support of Ukraine

A bitcoin wallet belonging to a charity that claims to support the Ukrainian military has received over 110 bitcoins in donations following the launch of a new DAO to help support the nation of Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

UkraineDAO, a new decentralized autonomous organization launched by political activist and founding member of Pussy Riot, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, alongside Trippy Labs and members of PleasrDAOshared via Twitter his goal of raising funds to donate to Ukrainian civil organizations, starting with the purchase of a Ukrainian flag NFT.

“Our goal is to raise funds to donate to Ukrainian civil organizations that help those suffering from the war Putin started in Ukraine,” tweeted Pussy Riot. “We are going to buy a Ukrainian flag NFT. Much love and support for Ukraine.”

Pussy Riot first emerged in 2011 as a Moscow-based feminist punk rock group known for staging guerrilla performances advocating LGBTQ+ rights and demonstrating against Vladimir Putin.

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would be carrying out a special operation in Ukraine, launching an attack against the nation. US President Joe Biden has promised new sanctions to punish Russia for its aggression that the international community expected but was unable to resolve through diplomacy.

In a televised speech, Putin justified his attack in order to protect civilians in eastern Ukraine, accusing the US and its allies of ignoring Russia’s demands to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO and for security guarantees.

Tolokonnikova says the NFT crash comprises 10,000 Ukrainian flags minted on Ethereum. One wallet in particular belongs to a charity that claims to support the Ukrainian military, which says it has received more than 110 bitcoins valued at $4.2 million in donations.

Blockchain analytics company elliptic released data showing that a Ukrainian NGO received more than $3 million from a single donor. All funds raised will go to the Come Back Alive Foundation, which funds funds to help Ukrainian soldiers involved in the attack. Donbas conflict.

Patreon blocks pending investigation donations

However, Patreon announced on Friday that it had blocked the Foundation’s access to its platform, saying:

“Patreon does not allow campaigns involving violence or the purchase of military equipment, regardless of the cause.

“We are investigating because of representations on their donation page about how the funds will be used,” a spokesperson told CNBC.

The foundation is believed to provide technical support in the guise of thermal imaging cameras and night vision devices, along with other military equipment.

It also offers training, psychological assistance and medical assistance, according to its the Facebook page.

the ukrainian government web site has details on how to donate. However, citing “national legislation”, it cannot accept cryptocurrency donations.

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