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Shiba Inu is a work in progress and Shytoshi wants critics to know

Shiba Inu is not just a meme coin and the main developer of the dog-themed cryptocurrency wants everyone to know that. Shytoshi Kusuma once again jumped to Shiba Inu’s defense when people criticized him for not securing any meaningful partnerships with major tech companies.

twitter user @GossipShib declared,

“FunFact: 98% FUDDERS don’t even own $SHIB
They just want the stage to spread knowledge about their other tokens.
Fudder’s Simple Signal: Your BIO
They all have the same tokens and use #SHIBARMY, but they hate everything the #SHIB team is doing.”

While this didn’t please most people in the SHIB Army, developers Shytoshi Kusama reported that most of their projects are still in development, which is why they haven’t been able to partner with giants like Microsoft or even Warner Bros. .

Kusama tweeted,

Our own system and set of companies that will work with us and help us grow, burn and add value. And we’ve been at it for just over a year. Do you think this is instantaneous? Introduce us to Microsoft and tell me what I’m offering them… our ecosystem? Right. let’s finish then

— Shytoshi Kusama™ (@ShytoshiKusama) February 23, 2022

To put things in perspective, the developer assured the community that 98% of the deal with a giant was closed, however, it didn’t work out. Now, it wasn’t uncommon for deals to fail as there was so much more detail involved. However, any cryptocurrency will have to set up a viable ecosystem for giant projects to invest in.

Shiba Inu was trying to build that ecosystem. Over the past year, he’s worked to transform SHIB from a meme coin into a project with immense utility. It has already created a loyal army of followers and now the next step is to build an entire universe around the token to ensure its usefulness. Once this feat is achieved, it will open the door to partnerships with large conglomerates.

To highlight its recent activities, Shiba Inu has released its non-fungible token [NFT] called Shiboshi. It also released its Shiberse metaverse and announced the sale of 99,000 land in this metaverse. Currently, the team was working on blockchain and a game to win [P2E] game to attract the growing interest of players.

Meanwhile, the SHIB token, like the rest of the cryptocurrency market, has been hit by volatility due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. This resulted in the loss of nearly 24% of the token’s value the day before. Shiba Inu was currently changing hands at $0.00002165.

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