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US consumers still have little knowledge about Web3 – research reveals

according to one online survey conducted by the National Research Group (NRG), many people still have limited knowledge of web3 solutions, although they see that web2 is not enough. The survey interviewed 1,500 North American consumers and showed that there is a need to raise awareness of the Web3 interface.

According to the results, 54% of respondents said they felt their rights and freedom were threatened by technology. 35% of them are unhappy with the lack of control over their data, 38% are annoyed by the level and intrusive nature of online ads, and 44% are generally concerned about privacy issues.

Web3 knowledge level is still low

Almost 50% of them believe that tech companies wield so much power that it should be reduced.

The survey also revealed that 54% of them have not heard about Web3 while about 13% know what Web3 means. 33% of them are concerned about cybercrime when asked about the potential downsides of the new web when it comes to the decentralized internet.

However, an impressive 83% of those surveyed believe the new version of the internet will improve their lives.

In terms of cryptocurrency adoption, 39% of respondents believe that cryptocurrencies are similar to stocks and shares to fiat currency, while 15% believe that investing in cryptocurrencies is like gold. 57% of respondents said they have purchased cryptocurrencies or expect to do so in the future.

More users want more control of their online experience

NRG’s Global Head of Insights and Senior Vice President Marlon Cumberbatch commented on the survey. According to him, the most surprising part of the research is to discover that consumers think there is a lack of agency in online spaces. He added that many respondents strongly desire more control over how they engage with online content.

Also, they would like to see a situation where their data is respected and not treated the way corporations treat it now. As a result, the case for the iteration of Web3 is getting stronger every day as more consumers want more control and more freedom in their use of the Internet.

Cumberbatch said the survey highlights people’s desire to enter a new age of the internet, where there will be a greater sense of control over their online experiences.

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