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Vivid Money to list Shiba Inu, will be 99th exchange to get SHIB Onboard

Vivid Money will soon announce a Shiba Inu listing and could be the 99th trading platform to incorporate SHIB. CryptoBuyClub reached out to vivid money for a confirmation and the exchange confirmed that they would indeed list Shiba Inu.

”We plan to put Siba Inu on our platform for commercial purposes. However, it is not live yet. It will be part of a major Vivid update on the cryptocurrency side very soon,” said Adrian Smiatek, PR Lead of Vivid Money exclusively for CryptoBuyClub.

When asked if there is another utility that users can use SHIB on the platform, Adrian said, “stay excited for the upcoming announcements.”

However, he did not reveal the ‘exciting announcements’ and chose to remain tight-lipped about development. This indicates that not only can users trade SHIB for trading, but there may also be additional use cases for the token in Vivid. Refunds, rewards and other perks can be expected when using SHIB on Vivid Money.

Currently, 98 different trading platforms worldwide have listed Shiba Inu. Here is a complete list of platforms that have listed SHIB for trading.

Europe’s leading trading platform Bitstamp was the 99th exchange to announce a SHIB listing in 2021. However, Bitstamp did not receive the token due to “technical issues”, but confirmed that it will list it soon. The development would make Vivid Money the 99th platform to ship the Shiba Inu.

Vivid Money and Shiba Inu

Vivid Money is a commission-free investment trading platform involving over 50 cryptocurrencies. Users of the mobile banking platform can also invest in the stock market, ETFs and precious metals. This platform also converts EUR to USD at a real-time exchange rate with low fixed markup.

Currently, major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin are available for trading on Vivid Money. It also allows users to open multiple accounts for different savings purposes as per their investment plans.

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